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Reworked Y2K Mini Cargo Skirts - 20 Piece
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Cargos in any form are a guaranteed bestseller right now. These workwear trousers have been used for decades within different trades, as well as coming in and out of style over the years, meaning that there is a surplus in circulation that we are able to transform into trendy mini skirts. Each piece is completely unique, handpicked and made from a mix of preloved and true vintage cargo pants.

Also available in quantities of 10 and 50.

RRP: £30-£45

Size Range:
XS - UK 4/6 (US 0/2)
S - UK 6/8 (US 2/4)
M - UK 8/10 (US 4/6)
L - UK 10/12 (US 6/8)
XL - UK 12/14 (US 8/10)

- If you would like any particular colours, please let us know. If not provided you will receive a range of colours which will mostly be beige, khaki, black with a few other colours mixed in.

- Your order will take up to 14 working days for use to handpick, create and ship your items.

*Please note that the image is not the exact items that you will receive but similar garments*
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